Olive Oil

Our plants and trees are maintained throughout the year with the utmost respect to nature and the unique configuration of the land and it’s climate, the use of pesticides is minimized. Our 2 Castelli Olive Oil comes for a traditional method of squeezing healthy fruits, which are collected by hand directly from the tree,with the help of special dies that encourage the fruit to drop off the trees and land on properly placed mats around the trees. The only manual operation is to ensure that only the most excellent product is used. There are only a few hours between harvest and milling this is to make sure that the product does not undergo many outside changes. The milling is done with traditional extraction systems (presses or continuous) special care must be taken to not change the organoleptic quality of the olives.
Thanks to the careful efforts during the entire process, pruning, treatment, collection, milling and storage, you are guaranteed a great high quality product.